ModVal 14 - March 2nd & 3rd, 2017

ModVal 14 - March 2nd & 3rd, 2017

Welcome to the 14th Symposium on Fuel Cell and Battery Modeling and Experimental Validation - ModVal 14

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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) - Venue: AkademieHotel Karlsruhe

ModVal 14 is the 14th event in a series of annual international symposia on fuel cell and battery modelling and experimental validation. The aim of the symposium is to present and discuss recent advances in science and technology that are related to the modelling and simulation of fuel cells and batteries, as well as experimental techniques for model validation. The Symposium provides a forum for researchers in both academia and industry, promoting personal contacts and stimulating new collaborations.


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Modelling and Simulation Methodology

  • Quantum chemistry and elementary kinetics
  • Electrode and cell level transport modelling
  • Stack and system level modelling
  • System dynamics and control approaches
  • Model reduction and upscaling techniques
  • Parallel computing and supercomputing


Validation Experiments

  • In operando characterization methods
  • Model experiments to determine parameters
  • Imaging techniques and tomography


Application Areas

  • Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells and electrolysers (PEFC/PEEC)
  • Solid oxide fuel cells and electrolysers
  • Lithium-ion and post-lithium-ion batteries (LIB)
  • System technology


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Invited plenary talks
  • Prof. Aimy Bazylak, University of Toronto

  • Dr. Oleg Borodin, US Army Research Lab

  • Prof. Robert M. McMeeking, UCSB

  • Prof. Jon Pharoah, Queen’s University